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La Passione

A huge Mafia organization located in South Italy and lidered by The Boss; a mysterious man whose identity ANYONE knows.

La Squadra di Esecuzioni

In La Passione there are at least two assassin teams. All their members have a stand (supernatural powers), that they use to kill.
One of these teams is called La Squadra di Esecuzioni.
La Squadra is lidered by Risotto Nero and was initially composed by nine members.
Squadra men used to act alone and anybody outside the team, even the Boss, didn’t know anything about their stands or abilities, because they were feared and avoided by other gangsters.
Squadra members were 100% efficient killers, but apart from money rewards they didn’t receive from the Boss more power or a territory.
Convinced of deserving more and with their pride hurt, they fell strong enough to challenge the Boss and try to snatch his place in La Passione.
Unfortunately for them, the Boss had a big secret. He was a stand user, too. He resulted to be far more powerful than imagined, and...he didn’t like traitors.
As a result, two Squadra members, who went too far, were punished and killed by the Boss in a terrible and exemplary way as a warning message to the rest of the team.
From then, the seven remaining men were closely watched and they only were given very random jobs. Instead of preventing them from trying to challenge him again, the Boss’s reaction justified even more Squadra men’s thirst for Vendetta. Nevertheless, they were finally aware that they had to be extremely cautious and patient, so they could achieve their goal.

Squadra Team Members

Risotto Nero     Gelato and Sorbe    Formaggio    Illuso    Prosciutto    Pesci    Melone    Ghiaccio

Risotto Nero

Data: Self-confident, calm, proud, mysterious, determined and cautious.

Born in Sicily in 1974. When he was 14, a drunk driver accidentally killed his beloved cousin and escaped. The culprit was arrested and emprisoned for 4 years, but Risotto wasn’t satisfied. He planned how to kill the man and as soon as the driver left the prison, the boy carried out his vendetta. From then, he lived in underworld  as a criminal. When he was 21, his stand manifested and he joined la Passione. Due to his efficiency as a killer, he became the assassin’s team leader.

Stand and powers: Risotto’s stand is called Metallica. Hard to see even for other stand users, it flows through his veins. Metallica’s source of power is magnetism. It can handle iron (even the iron in blood) to create sharp or cutting metallic objects from a distance of aproximately 5-6 meters. It also produces an iron floatting shield that  covers its host reflecting everything around it, so Risotto becomes totally invisible.

My personal view: Risotto’s soul has always been invaded by hatred. First against the man who killed his cousin and later towards the Boss. He never forgives. But when his personal feelings aren’t involved, he doesn’t specially enjoy killing, that’s just his job. Anyway, he likes to achieve his goals.

Despite of being very secretive and not liking to speak about himself, Risotto is a charismatic and approachable leader very respected by his men.

He prefers not to be noticed an  keep in the shadows. His men are like a sort of family for him.


Risotto Nero Metallica
Gelatto and Sorbe

Gelato & Sorbe

Data: The two Squadra members who challenged the Boss.

We don’t know very much about them. They are described as two dangerous and sadistic psychopath who always worked together. They got along so well, that their relationship went beyond friendship and work. They were lovers.

They decided to defeat the Boss, so Risotto could take his place.
Did Risotto know about that? Did he approve it?
Probably he agreeded and thought they would succeed. But Gelato and Sorbe failed.
They surely unmasked the Boss and even saw his face,  but all that was useless. Sorbe was awfully executed- cut into sheets alive- in front of  Gelato, who was gagged and bound and died horrified, swallowing his own salliva. He was found in his apartment. On his body, there was a notice with the word "punishment" written on it.

Every Sorbe’s body slice was put between two glass sheets, framed and shipped to Risotto’s team hide-out. The team had to put all the pieces together to notice what those bizarre objects actually were.

Gelato’s and Sorbe’s deaths were a terrible conmotion for the team.

Stand and powers: Unknown. We just know their powers were complementary.

My personal view: In my imagination, they were loyal to the team, but used to act off their own bat. They enjoyed torturing and killing like if it were a child's play. Risotto had any objection  to their methods, provided that they didn’t put the team’s secrety and effectiveness in danger.

Sorbe was cleverer and had a stronger personality than Gelato, who was always depending on him. Their love was sincere and sweet in contrast with their sadistics killing ways.



Data: His teammates don't use to respect very much his powers, that they find funny. Formaggio has a cat and seems to live alone. He’s also interested in insects, that he captures and uses to torture his reduced victims. He’s friendly and direct, but has a twisted character. He also has a bizarre sense of humour.

Stand and Powers: His stand is called Little Feet. It has a long curved nail in its right index finger. When someone is cut by it, he begins to get gradually smaller. If Formaggio doesn’t stop his power, the victim goes on decreasing more and more and disappears.

Formaggio can also use his stand to reduce his own size, that he can control freely.

My personal view: I'm sure that someone who acquired such a stand as Little Feet, able to reduce to infinite the size of living beings has to be a manipulative person. Maybe he had an inferioty complex in the past. He has a sadistic side, but he’s a cheerful and sympathetic guy, too. He likes his teammates, but is a little pissed off about their jokes concerning size questions. He’s always trying to show them that Little Feet can be no less terrible than the rest of the stands in Squadra.


Formaggio Little Feet
Illuso Man in the Mirror


Data: Proud and a little sinister, he approachs his victims silently while they try to understand what’s happening. He’s really tenacious and  doesn't know the meaning of the word defeat.

Stand and Powers: Man in the Mirror is the name of Illuso’s stand. Its power consists in opening another dimension  using a mirror (even a small fragment of it) as  an entrance.  Once you are able to see Illuso inside the mirror, you enter the inverted dimension and dissapear from real world. In this silent place, Illuso and his victims are the only living beings. The assassin controls everything there,  no one can escape or ask for help, so it’s easy for him to kill his scared guest. Illuso also can use his world as a short cut and any mirror as a door.

Since he uses a lot of energy in keeping his alternative world active, he isn’t very strong in fighting, so he has to kill fast in order of not to be defeated by a tough target.

My personal view: I see Illuso as a silent and introverted guy, who doesn’t like the real world and the people and hates crowds. He only trusts his teammates, who he considers his equals.

He prefers to be alone and enjoys being in his own personal world, where he is the master and where nobody can harm him. Inside the mirror his personality is far more daring, frightening and self-confident than in real world. He thinks that his true self is the one in there.



Data: Impatient, a little arrogant, with a strong character and very determined and violent, he’s a man of action who hates people who talk too much and  do nothing. To accomplish his mission is the most important thing for him, he would try to finish a job even if he's severely injured or at the cost of his life. He uses to work together with Pesci, acting towards him as a too severe teacher or a protecting big brother.

Stand and powers: The name of Prosciutto’s stand is The Grateful Dead. Its multiple eyes give off a smoke that makes every living life form around it age in a short time. Even fruits and flowers wither in few minutes. It can’t choose its targets and affects everyone around it except for its host. If  Prosciutto doesn’t call back his stand in time, his victims die of decrepitude. Only cold and ice can retard the effects of The Grateful Dead, that affects women a little more slowly. The warmer the body temperature is, the faster Prosciutto’s power works.

Prosciutto can use his power against himself, becoming old if he wants it. In this state, he only has to touch their victims and they age instantaneously.

My personal view: He wants things done well and fast and has a radical mind, but he admits his mistakes and express easily his feelings. He admires tenacious people who never give up and hates cowardly and incompetence. He thinks that life is short; one grows old soon and dies, so there is no time to hesitate.

He trusts Pesci, that he sees as a little brother and believes in his potential. He admires Risotto, whose calm character is the only one able to stop him when he tries to act first think later and doesn’t like to work together with Ghiaccio, because his freezing stand nullifies his powers. He’s  very fond in branded italian suits and shoes.


Prosciutto The Grateful Dead
Pesci Beach Boy


Data: Insecure, childish, full of complexes and a little coward, Pesci doesn’t appreciate very much his powers. He depends too much on Prosciutto, that he admires and fears, and who he calls big brother (Aniki in the original japanese manga). He’s the only member in Squadra who has never killed.

Prosciutto calls him mammone (mummy’s boy) when he’s angry with him. But Pesci’s powers hide a huge potential able to surpass his teammates’s. He’s actually an uncut diamond.

Stand and powers:His stand, Beach Boy is like a  fishing rod. Its thread can go through any kind  of obstacle like if it were water to catch anything or anyone. It can as well wind strongly around someone’s heart or vital organ to stop or damage it.

Pesci has a great sensibility to detect hidden people or a determined item with his stand. He can guess the size, weight and shape of anyone or anything catched by Beach Boy.

My personal view: He’s ugly and not very clever, and he knows it. He’s probably used to people abusing and picking on him. Maybe his wish to catch the others, to not to fall behind gave his stand its shape and abilities. Beach Boy isn't necessarily a harmful stand. It could be helpful, too. Influenced by decent people Pesci could have been a very nice person. But only Squadra people accepted him.



Data: Checky, sensual  and flamboyant. He rides a motorbike and seems to know a lot about blood types and genetics, computers…and sex.

Stand and powers: Baby Face, is an exceptional stand in several aspects. It's composed by two bodies; one of them is like a laptop, the other one has a humanoide shape. Both of them can be seen even by non-stand users.
Besides, Baby Face needs to be born from a human woman whose personality it'll inherit. (It’s born from her head, actually).

That's why it's very important to choose a suitable mother: the one with the more fitting character for a determined job.
Baby Face is a remote stand, that doesn't need to be close to its user to be powerful. It follows the instructions given by Melone with the help of the laptop. But before starting to work, it needs to be trained. Melone has to provide it with specific infos, data and indications so it can accomplish its missions. It all happens in just a few minutes, but it's rather complicated, anyway: Melone can't call his stand just thinking in it or invoking it like his teammates do.
However, it has some advantages, too: If Baby Face is defeated, Melone won't be harmed; he only has to create it again for a new use. Other aspects that make this amazing stand unique are its ability to grow up and get stronger as it learns or obtains more experience. Its power consists in dividing matter in little cubes that destroy it when they split up or change its shape if they reorganize in a different disposition.

My personal view: He may look vain and superficial, but that’s just a mask. Melone is an  unscrutable and complicated man with a very analytic mind. He likes complex, twisted and methodical procedures. He can’t be considered as a real Casanova, because he’s not trully interested in women. For him, they are just a mean to obtain something. he even kills them after using them. Melone enjoys to be noticed and looked at, but he hides his true self. When killing, he strikes from a distance, where nobody can suspect him as a murderer. So, he’s a guy you can never trust. Maybe he got deceived by people’s lies and women hurted him. He doesn’t like the world how is it, so, his stand destroys or changes the shape of things according to his wishes. 


Melone Baby Face
Ghiaccio White Album


Data: He's the most powerful Squadra member.

Ghiaccio is a very fussing man, and a real language hipster: When he thinks in the meaning of some expressions or idioms that sound absurd to him or remembers how people missuse words, he infuriates and becomes very destructive. He's very stubborn and persistent. Anyone or anything can’t stop him until his job is done. He's short-sighted and needs glasses. He drives a sports car.

Stand and powers: White Album is Ghiaccio's stand. It looks like a suit or an armor that wraps his body protecting him from his own powers. In there, he feels warm and confortable. White Album makes the temperature descend to impossible limits even to Zero absolute, the maximum cold that any living form can resist. Besides, it's equipped with skates, so Ghiaccio can move very fast on the ice produced by his stand.

My personal view:  I think he was the typical swot in the school who had no friends. He tends to think nobody understands him.

A little unpleasant and not very sociable, he prefers to be let alone. He likes books, experimental films and fine music. Tenacious and hard-working. He has a violent nature and a little thing may be enough to cause him getting very angry. He gets along with Melone: They both are methodical and like studying.

He's always quarrelling with Prosciutto: both of them have an explosive temper.

Ghiaccio thinks people are stupid, noisy and bothering and that they don't appreciate beauty and art. When they freeze, they remain calm and look like beautiful sculptures.


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